Online Advertising Services PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Online Advertising Services PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Beechwood provide an affordable Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign management service, which provides a quick way to increase the volume of traffic to your website.

Beechwood optimised PPC campaigns are designed to enhance click through rates and generate quality traffic to our clients' websites.

Our experienced PPC management team optimise PPC campaigns to ensure page 1 dominance and cost effective click through rates (CTR) leading to conversions.

For many clients, pay per click marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation of their websites should go hand in hand, to ensure page 1 dominance. Many businesses, however, do not have the in-house expertise to run effective PPC campaigns. DIY campaigns can prove to be costly and unproductive. Beechwood give you more... more exposure, more clicks, and more conversions at an affordable price.


No waiting: Achieving high rankings in organic search results can take months and in some cases, years. We can place your paid search adverts on page 1 within hours, driving visitor traffic to your website almost instantly.

Controlled Ranking: Free organic listings are based on complex algorithms which determine the rankings of web pages. As a result, the level of control of positioning in free listings, is limited. With PPC (paid search) advertising, we can control the delivery and placement of your sponsored links (paid adverts). We can determine the position your advert will appear on a search results page for a certain set of keywords and which ads will run against them

Better Landing Pages: When you pay for advertising, your advert will link to pages on your website that are appropriate for that advert. In many cases, we create micro-sites or landing pages for specific campaigns. With paid text or display adverts, the content can be controlled and their links directed to specific PPC landing pages, unlike Google organic listings, which may link to a page that has little or no relevance.

The advantage of this approach is to ensure that people immediately see a clear message that is relevant to both their search and the product or service your advert is promoting, and so reduce BOUNCE rates and increase conversions. The content of adverts can be changed at any time and multiple versions of the text and landing pages can be used to determine and refine the best performing adverts over time.

Insight and Conversions: Paid advertising generates more traffic and more enquiries: marketers can link keywords, campaigns and creative treatment to conversions. This allows the Beechwood Marketing team to maximise the return on your advertising spend, by focusing on keywords and sources that produce the most conversions.

Reporting: PPC Reporting tools provide information on the best performing keywords and adverts. This enables campaigns to be optimised to achieve better conversions rates. It also gives insights into your organic listings and you can compare and adjust keywords to improve these organic listings as well.

Flexibility: Marketing Mix PPC allows maximum flexibility; campaigns can be set up, paused or set to appear at specific times of day or week. This can help maximise campaign effectiveness and offer a useful tactical tool to boost enquiries.


Beechwood Online advertising service is designed to create web enquiries fast. Call us for a fast response!

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