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Social Networking Service

Beechwood offer a professional social networking consultancy service, to help you maximise traffic to your website.

As interest in social networking has grown, so has the drive for businesses to commercialise the opportunity. We see social networking as an evolving opportunity, and recognise that the best approach to using it for your business will vary significanty based on the target markets you are trying to reach, and what you are trying to achieve.


Increase awareness
Establish brand personality
Strengthen the relationship with customers through feedback
Generate word of mouth referrals and feedback
Increase participation with competitions
Leverage acceptance through friend's recommendations - be LIKED
Improve search rankings and click throughs to your main website

To be effective, social networking needs a range of specialised social marketing strategies. We help businesses create a strategy to ensure that social network campaigns are successful and cost effective.


By linking co-ordinated social network campaigns, high page rankings through effective SEO, and paid-for online advertising, creating a "360 degree online marketing campaign", we can drive more targeted traffic to your website.

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