Lets Get to work NearYou jobs section

6th August 2021

Let's Get to work NearYou jobs section

To help fitness studios, gyms and clubs open up Beechwood have created a new recruitment section giving fitness businesses on the platform the opportunity to reach out to Pilates studios, Yoga studios, Martial Arts clubs and dance schools, health clubs and gyms looking for part time instructors to take their classes.

NearYou is the number one fitness class finder in the UK and giving hundreds of independent UK instructors the opportunity to market all their activities and take online bookings.

The new service is aimed at fitness business that are struggling to find staff due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The NHS pingdemic has meant that many fitness business are forced to reduce or cancel the number classes they are running due to staff having to self isolate.

Feedback from fitness businesses looking to back to work, opening up their classes was being hampered by the lack of staff.

Equally instructors were finding it difficult to find flexible work because there was no market place for self-employed instructors at a local level.

The new service was launched this week to help these business find and recruit instructors and run run classes at short notice.

Stephen Auty CEO of NearYou said “It is apparent many fitness businesses are finding it difulit to replace staff self-isolating at short notice. As a result we stepped in to help. The service is location based and fits in well with our aim of providing a unique service that helps studios run their classes and take advantage of the end of lockdown”.

The service is open to all business who subscribe to NearYou. Its integrated across the NearYou network giving business the ability to recruit instructors for short term or flexible self employed work.

Instructors looking for short term work. Check jobs out here.
Studios looking to join NearYou and post fitness instructor jobs here.

For more information

Contact Stephen Auty

Website https://www.nearyou.best

UK TEL: +44 (0) 330 122 4618
USA TEL: +(1) 315 879 6699


Source: Beechwood

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